We're offering you a career in recruitment; but not as you know it. We are far removed from the typical industry clichés. We don't do cold calling or unrealistic KPI's. Just a supportive environment, quality training and real progression opportunities.

The RSG Academy

We are proud of our high retention rates at RSG and attribute a degree of this success to our selection process for new staff. Our aim is to always give a realistic, honest and thorough representation of our business.

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Committed to internal promotion and recruitment

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95% Senior Team are Academy Graduates

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Ex-Academy members now manage offices across the UK

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86% retention rate from Academy graduates

"The future success of the business is dependent upon the pipeline of future talent entering the building. We are fully committed to ensuring that the pipeline is strong. One of our biggest priorities with our new hires is that they make strong cultural fits for our business and have the determination and work ethic to succeed in the role. We value this considerably over qualifications or experience. For this reason, we make sure potential hires meet a range of people throughout the business so that they can gage what working here is really like, as much as we can get to know them." Tim Donaghy, Head of Talent
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Tailored Training and Development Programme

If you embark upon a career with RSG you will be part of a tailored training programme from day one which equips you for a successful and progressive career path. The training we provide is one of the key components in our high tenure rate for staff.

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Personal approach, no broad brush assessment days

We always employ with the view to investing in staff who have the qualities necessary to enjoy a long career with us. for this reason we don't hold assessment days, we hire individually and only take on good cultural fits.

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Continued commitment from RSG

Our commitment to hiring in this way has resulted in us having an 84% retention rate of staff and this is something we strive to upkeep. Being forward thinking is a commitment to always making improvements and listening to what our staff have to say.

The Academy Graduates

Hannah Waddington
James Knight
Alex Maropolous
Jonny Cast
Hannah Waddington

Hannah Waddington - Regional Manager

"It's never too late to change career paths. I initially joined RSG as a Relationship Manager, and spent a little time in the Academy to get a better understanding of how the company worked as a whole. Very quickly however, I realised I was doing something I really loved, and I've never looked back. It's always worth having a go; you never know where even the smallest opportunity will lead you."

James Knight

James Knight - Principal Consultant, Finance

"If you have the desire and the drive, you can progress really quickly at RSG. Within 4 years, I progressed from an Academy Trainee to Principal Consultant, managing my own team. Don't be afraid of ambition; RSG will help you become whatever you want. All you have to do is choose."

James Knight

Alexander Maropoulos Consultant

"The RSG Academy is an ideal platform for finding your feet in a fast paced, ever changing role. From Day 1, the Academy gave me the foundation to hit the ground running in whichever team best suits your skills, and allowed me to both identify and overcome challenges that came my way. The support and advice I received during my time there assisted me in understanding and appreciating the complexity of the Recruitment Process and the fundamentals that need to be in every single successful search. It absolutely helped mould me into the consultant I am today, and really gets you performing "the RSG way."

James Knight

Jonny Cast Consultant

"During my interview process, finding the right agency for me was critical. After experiencing other agencies trying to "sell me the dream" I decided that RSG would be the right company and cultural fit for me. The preparation and training I have been given throughout the Academy and ongoing has been crucial for my success. If you are looking to start a career in recruitment I would highly recommend RSG."

Mathis Aime

Mathis Aime Trainee Recruitment Consultant

"I joined RSG for its culture and work atmosphere as well as for the rewards and recognition for hard work. The Academy is a fantastic platform as it teaches you how to become a competitive but personable recruiter and after a few months, you can make the transition into the area that suits you most. The Academy lets you be you!"

Ella Greenslade

Ella Greenslade Trainee Recruitment Consultant

"Being completely new to recruitment in general, the RSG academy was the perfect stepping stone. It allows you to not only learn at your own pace but take control of the direction you want to go in. From day one, you get stuck in but there are always people on hand to make sure you're confident in what you're doing. The combination of classroom based learning and real life application allows you to pick things up very quickly. You don't feel new in the business for long!"

James Knight

Rosie Fearnley Recruitment Consultant

"Having no previous experience in recruitment before joining RSG, I was a little apprehensive about the challenge ahead. However, from the off in the Academy, to where I am now, I have had nothing but continued support from everyone around me. The training in the Academy was professional and thorough and gave me a great foundation to build on. My time in the Academy allowed me to feel fully prepared and confident moving forward within the business."

Scott Saringson

Scott Saringson Recruitment Consultant

"Having been with my previous employer for 7 years I was sceptical of the change into RSG. From day 1 at the academy I was given the tools, training and support I needed to succeed from the off. Training was carried out at a pace I felt comfortable with and there was no pressure applied and/or targets I had to hit. For anyone thinking about a career in recruitment, but worried about the change, I would highly recommend RSG as they have given me a strong foundation to build a successful career."

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